Spam Calls on WhatsApp Annoy Indian Users

Spam Calls on WhatsApp Annoy Indian Users
WhatsApp urges Indian users to report and block suspicious accounts after an increase in spam calls from unknown international numbers.

Spam Calls on WhatsApp Annoy Indian Users

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, has asked its users to block and report suspicious accounts after many Indians complained about receiving calls from unknown international numbers. India has the largest user base of WhatsApp with 487 million users.

Spam Calls Flood Indian WhatsApp Users

Indian WhatsApp users have been sharing screenshots of audio and video calls from unknown international numbers on social media. Many users have reported receiving calls from countries in Southeast Asia and Africa. The frequency of these calls has increased in recent days, causing frustration for many users.

Government Advisory on Spam Calls

A government spokesperson has issued an advisory about these spam calls. WhatsApp has advised users to use privacy controls on the app and to safeguard their accounts by making personal details visible to only their contacts. It is important to report these accounts to WhatsApp so that they can take the required action against and ban them from the platform.

WhatsApp Takes Preventive Actions

As part of its preventive action to combat abuse on the platform, WhatsApp banned 4.7 million accounts in March. The company has also launched a safety campaign to educate users about the tools on the platform that would help protect them from online scams, frauds, and other threats.

Remember to stay safe online and report any suspicious activity to WhatsApp!

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