Twitter Removes Verification from Accounts


Twitter Removes Verification from Accounts
Twitter Removes Verification from Accounts

What Happened?

Twitter has removed the blue tick verification from thousands of accounts, including those of celebrities like Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo. This move comes as the social media giant's owner, Elon Musk, tries to make the company profitable. Users who want to keep their verification must pay $84 a year to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

Who Still Has Verification?

LeBron James, Stephen King, and William Shatner still have their blue ticks, which were gifted to them by Elon Musk. Some users joked about the change, while others mourned the loss of their verification. US Olympian Lolo Jones noted that she is still verified on her dating profile.

Why Did Twitter Introduce Verification?

Twitter introduced verification in 2009 after a former professional baseball player sued the company over imposter accounts. The blue tick became a status symbol and a sign of authority.

What Does This Mean for Twitter?

Twitter's decision to monetize verification could lead to a massive cultural and power shift on the platform. Critics argue that the move will amplify disinformation as Twitter Blue subscribers will get prioritized rankings. This could scare off advertisers and undermine any extra revenue Twitter is getting from its verification subscription model.

What Does Elon Musk Say?

Elon Musk has tried to frame the decision to do away with verification as a way to democratize content on the site. He said that pain is a part of change and that he feels like they are headed to a good place. Overall, he thinks the trend is very good.

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