Airdrop: Fitcoin Community Is Giving Away 90,000 $FITC ($2,000) Pool

Fitcoin Community Is Giving Away 90,000 $FITC
Fitcoin Community Is Giving Away 90,000 $FITC


Fitcoin is an innovative token solution for lazy people to lose weight based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, and it is fully tokenized for the weight loss market. The weight loss industry can be divided into three major areas: weight loss food, sports equipment, and weight loss courses. Fitcoin will first focus on the application of weight loss courses, and then expand in other fields to integrate the weight loss industry and connect upstream and downstream , and finally establish a decentralized weight loss industry chain.

Their Unlimited Customer Demand

The World Health Organization pointed out in the 2020 Global Obesity Annual Report that Taiwan is the fattest place in East Asia, and on average, one in two people is overweight and obese. Therefore, the weight loss market in Taiwan is very large. In addition, weight loss-related industries are repetitive markets, and consumer demand for weight loss will continue to appear repeatedly. Therefore, the weight loss market has never-ending consumer demand.

Special Weight Loss Planner

The Fitcoin team includes senior weight loss planning experts and has in-depth insights into consumers who have weight loss needs. Fitcoin can also be used to improve information asymmetry in the weight loss industry, upload important information to the chain, and improve reliability. It can also be used for weight loss services and product traceability in the future.

Their Weight Loss Application 

Users can pay Fitcoin directly for weight loss programs and a range of services. The first experimental field of Fitcoin is the application of weight loss equipment. This set of weight loss equipment has been licensed by professional institutions. It is a non-invasive device that can effectively reduce the size and fat of body parts.

Developement In Future

Blockchain offers great promise for all industries, but in many ways it remains uncharted territory. With the rapid growth of the weight loss industry, many manufacturers are investing in the development of innovative weight loss methods. Fitcoin is committed to the all-round tokenization of the weight loss industry. In the future, it will become a leader in the decentralization of the weight loss industry. Universal token for the weight loss industry.

📃 Information

Fitcoin is an innovative token solution for lazy weight loss 💪🏻 based on blockchain technology, which aims to tokenise the weight loss market fully.

🚀 Airdrop: Fitcoin

💰 Value: 90,000 $FITC ($2,000) Pool

🏆 Winners: 500 random Users

👥 Top 10 Referrals: $10 $FITC

📊 Exchange: Coinpaparika, PancakeSwap

📅 End Date: 28th April, 2023

🏦 Distribution Date: 12th May, 2023

Tasks To Complete

Complete all the tasks below to participate. its A Very Important Step. Please Visit Their Page To Know More. Please do your own research before joining to any airdrops project, also The airdrop is 100% free. Please Don't Pay Any Charges To Fraud Airdrop links.

1️⃣Follow Their official Twitter account

2️⃣Retweet the Airdrop Giveaways & Tag 3 of your friends

3️⃣Join Their Telegram channel

4️⃣Join Their Telegram group

5️⃣Leave a message in Their Telegram group

6️⃣Fill in your BEP-20 wallet address

7️⃣Refer Friends for referral reward

8️⃣ Join Our Telegram Group For More Airdrops

Visit The Giveaway Page To Know More Complete The Tasks 

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